What Every Citizen Needs to Know About Traffic Stops

Routine traffic stops are more common than you think. Drivers should understand some things that can help them eliminate contact with law enforcement, so they are not in a position to be arrested. Many drivers who are pulled over, are stopped for driving under the influence or are suspected of being involved in a crime.

Police have a right to stop any vehicle for any traffic infraction, no matter how minor. Furthermore, a police officer does not need to be correct about the traffic infraction for which you were stopped. Police must have a reasonable suspicion and probable cause to stop your vehicle.

An officer can pull any motorist over if they believe a violation has occurred, even if it is as minor as a driver following another vehicle too closely. Each law enforcement officer must believe he has reasonable suspicion..

Traffic Stops

After an officer pulls a vehicle over, they will walk up to the driver side window and look in the vehicle. A driver is not legally required to roll the window the entire way down. The driver must roll the window down far enough to give their license, registration, and insurance card to the officer. Even if the officer requests that the window be rolled down completely, a driver can legally refuse the request and still be following the lawful order of a police officer.


An officer has the right to question the driver about the suspected traffic violation. An officer will ask for a driver’s license and registration, their purpose for driving, and what their destination is. The officer will most likely run a check on the driver’s license and the car’s registration to check for outstanding warrants and to ensure the car has not been stolen. If there are other passengers in the car, the officer has the lawful right to question them as well.

An officer can request that a driver go to their squad car for further questioning. Police officers are trained to ask specific questions to determine if there is illegal activity. Drivers should answer the questions directly and should not offer extra information. An officer would have difficulty convincing a judge that they believed something illegal was going on if the officer had no extra information about a driver.

Request to Search Your Vehicle

An officer may ask for permission to search your vehicle and many drivers mistakenly believe that things will go better if they cooperate with law-enforcement.The truth is: you always have the right to refuse an officer’s request to search your vehicle. The truth is: if an officer believes he has the right to search your vehicle, it’s going to be searched whether or not you give consent.

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