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Dear Ron, I want to thank you for your very valuable help in navigating the DUI process this past December 2016. Your experience and guidance was a blessing in a time of dire need. You were always professional and in…


I had a criminal problem of a fourth DUI that for me was more than impossible to find a solution because I knew the problem was so immense that I had not only have to deal with expenses but also with jail and my deportation even though I am still a resident. I was forced to look for a Lawyer with experience and category I am very satisfied because I found the right lawyer not only for his responsibility but also for his honesty and the seriousness that characterizes him for his exemplary work as a great person and human being he is. Attorney RONALD CHAPMAN helped me and I win this Case that I gave it for lost. He is a lawyer who puts all his endeavors and leadership and very capable of taking any case forward and win it. Many thanks to him and the same for his assistant ELIZABETH that with their work and professionalism won my case, a thousand thanks.

Henry Mejia

Hello, my name is Ernesto and I dedicate these few lines to thank Attorney Ron Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth by being very kind and professional. He guided and advised us in my wife’s case taking it to a satisfactory result for us.


Lawyer Chapman. Today I want to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent performance in the case of my son. To see you fight to the last moment for his rights as an American citizen and human being, for which I want you to know that you have my testimony if you require it to Attesting to his extraordinary performance and professionalism as a lawyer, I say goodbye reiterating my eternal gratitude.

Erika Lopez.

Hello, I am Héctor D and Ingris R, We want to thank the lawyer Ronald Chapman and his secretary Elizabeth for helping us in our case. We are very happy about the good service. He is an exceptional lawyer, great ethics, and very human. We are very grateful that he helped us with our case and it ended well. I recommend his services to everyone because he is a very good lawyer. Thank you very much.

Héctor D and Ingris R

Wanted to write to you to thank you and your firm for the great job of representation on behalf of my son and I these past weeks. Your efforts were A+ in handling the clearing of a legal problem in the state of Florida, Palm Beach County. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone who needs solid professional legal help. Your communication as we went through the process was clear and comforting.

Dick G

Hello, my name is Ernesto and I dedicate these few lines to thank Attorney Ron Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth for being very kind and professional. He guided and advised us in my wife’s case taking it to a satisfactory result for us.

Thanks a Million

My name is Pedro B. I just want to say that I had a criminal problem and Attorney Ron Chapman and his secretary Elizabeth helped me a lot in my case. He is a good lawyer for people who speak Spanish. I would recommend him very much.

Pedro B.

Mr. Chapman, I want to thank you for all your time, effort, and good counsel given in the cases of Gonzalo C., both in the State court and in the Federal court. I was especially impressed with the attention to detail, the phone calls, the jail visits, and the interviews with Gonzalo’s wife and her nephew, all done to completely familiarize yourself with his cases. The charges and the facts were irrefutable, and a not-guilty plea was not an option. Nonetheless, though he was facing prison time as well as a large fine, through legal expertise and persuasive negotiating, you succeeded in securing his time served and one-year supervision. Thank you and well done.

William G. Taylor

My name is Ana C. and as many Latinos, I was taken to Court for something that did not happen. At that moment I felt powerless to have the strength of defending myself from the psychological abuse which I was subjected to, but thank God I was recommended to Attorney Ron Chapman who reached an agreement to represent me. He immediately gave me confidence that he could help me without any problem for this unfortunate situation so my case was processed in Court having the satisfaction that Attorney Chapman and his Assistant Elizabeth with his knowledge and ability managed to win the case. Therefore I am very glad that I hired him.

Sincerely Ana C.


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My family called Ron Chapman after I was arrested on a charge for which I could have spent the rest of my life in prison. Mr. Chapman first helped me to bond out of jail. He was then able to get my original charge reduced to a lesser charge. Mr. Chapman kept working and was finally able to get my charge dismissed completely. Mr. Chapman and his assistant Elizabeth helped me and my family get through a very difficult time. Thank you very much for all your help.
Eliseo S.


Yo, El Jurado

I, The Juror

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