Routine Traffic Stops; Do I Have to Show My ID? What You Need to Know About Routine Traffic Stops.

What are Your Rights and Responsibilities During Routine Traffic Stops?

It is common knowledge that Florida law requires all drivers in the state to have a valid state-issued driver’s license. What are your rights and responsibilities if you are stopped by an officer? What rights and responsibilities do the police officers have? Knowing this information will allow you to conduct yourself appropriately if you are ever involved in a routine traffic stop.

What You Need to Know About Florida Traffic Stops

During traffic stops, both the officer and driver must act in a manner which minimizes danger and ensures safety. Officers must inform the driver what the exact reason for the stop is. The criminal charge, if any, must be explicitly stated. If an officer requests to confirm your identity, you must present a valid form of identification. If they request for you to step out of the vehicle, you should meet their request.

Officers are sworn to uphold the law and are within their rights to make these requests if they feel they will maintain order and safety. If a driver fails to comply with these requests, it can be considered a second-degree misdemeanor for violating Florida State Law 316.072 (3), ‘willfully refusing to comply with a lawful order or direction of any law enforcement officer or traffic crash investigation officer.’

Arguing with an officer or delaying presenting your identification can escalate a situation and lead to your arrest. While an officer should always attempt to de-escalate a heated situation, a conviction for this offense can carry a sentence of imprisonment for up to 60 days. A qualified defense attorney can be an excellent source of information on how to proceed if stopped by an officer.

What You Should Do to Avoid Problems When Stopped

Drivers and police officers in Florida have a duty to keep the roads safe. Avoiding altercations with other drivers and driving safely is essential. Preventing escalation during a traffic stop can help avoid arguments and a possible arrest. Why do so many routine traffic stops become violent or lead to full-blown arrests?

Tips For Staying Calm During a Routine Traffic Stop

  • Use clear communication.
  • Respect the officer’s authority.
  • Remain calm.
  • Speak in a respectful tone.
  • Comply with commands.
  • Present identification when asked.
  • Do not question the officer unnecessarily.
  • Take down the badge number of the officer. If you experience any unprofessionalism, you can report it when you are released.

What if You Are Involved in a Florida Traffic Stop Gone Wrong?

If you are involved in a traffic stop gone wrong, you will want to contact Ronald Chapman as soon as possible. As a local and experienced defense attorney, he can advise you on how to properly clear up the situation. Remember that both the officer and the driver have rights and responsibilities and each traffic stop has its unique details which can affect its outcome. Ronald Chapman can help you work out the details of any case and represent you in a court of law if necessary.

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