Everything You Need to Know About Police Interrogations in Florida

Police Interrogations

Interrogation is one tactic law enforcement uses to obtain confessions from people they suspect have committed a crime. Police will question the suspect. It is crucial for the public to know what to expect from a police interrogation and how to protect your rights.Two Things You Need to Know About Police Interrogations

  1. Police interrogations are designed to produce confessions.
  2. Never make a statement to the police without first talking to your attorney. Police uses different tactics to obtain confessions when they are interviewing a suspect about a crime. It is important not to incriminate yourself

Type of Interrogations

  • The Reid Technique - This technique was developed in the 1940s. This questioning is a good cop vs. bad cop and is very effective at producing confessions. Police rely on isolating the suspect and making them feel that confessing is in their best interest. They state that they believe the suspect is guilty and that the defendant knows he is guilty as well. The officer sympathizes with the defendant and understands why they committed the crime. If the police question you about a crime, it is likely the police will use this technique. Remember to avoid saying anything until your lawyer is present.until your lawyer is present.
  • Informal Questioning - If the police ever stop you for a crime, whether it is speeding or murder and they begin questioning you, ask if you are free to leave. If you are not free to leave, do not answer any questions and ask to speak to an attorney.
  • Lying - There is no law stating police officers can’t lie. Police are prohibited from making threats, although the lines between impermissible threats and allowed police tactics are far from clear. Remember to always protect yourself from police tactics and consult with your attorney before speaking with police.

False Confessions

Unfortunately, there have been many cases in which people have been exonerated by DNA evidence after falsely confessing to a crime they did not commit. Police tactics can work so well, that people sometimes confess to a crime they did not commit. Innocent people may falsely confess because they think confessing will end the interrogation and they can sort out the details later.

Juveniles and those with limited mental capacity are at the highest risk for giving false confessions. Police interrogations being recorded in their entirety have been made mandatory in some jurisdictions. Recorded interrogations reduce false confessions.

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